Monthly Archives: January 2014

Photo by Pete Checchia

Start ‘er up!

This is the first post on my new website, and I’ve got good feelings about all of it.

First of all- I want to sing-out huge praise to my big brother, Tristan Ford, for all of the work he has put into marketing me online. If any other singers like this website and want one similar, they should contact me and I’ll pass on his email address.

Next- I’m going to spend some time going back through history and blogging about some of my most memorable singing experiences. I’ll be adding images and recordings from way back when. However, don’t be surprised if you see me blogging about an event 3 years ago, but writing in present tense. I’ve gotta put myself back in the moment!

After I’ve finished recapping the past, I’ll start into current blogging about being a young opera singer in a modern world. If opera’s not your thang, then you might as well stop reading. OR- go check out the pics in the media section. Intense, eh? Maybe then, opera will become your thang, and you’ll want to read more. ;-)