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Les Berceaux: just vocals arrangement

I had this idea a couple of months ago, and recorded, but never had time to go through all of the audio. Finally I had some time today, during a really long bus ride coming back from the GameSoundConference in L.A.

This arrangement is based on Faure’s song, Les Berceaux. I’ve always loved the lulling piano part, and hummed it to myself. I decided to divide the piano into 5 major vocal parts, which accompany a 6th part singing the melody as written.  All of these are sung by myself with minimal editing.

This is just the first draft- I plan to continue refining, and I’m also going to put up a video with it, and post on youtube. Still, I thought y’all might enjoy a peek at the process.

Opera Dubstep

About 2 months ago, I decided to join some meet-ups in Silicon Valley. The first one I attended was for Laptop Music Production, in a place called the Hacker’s Dojo. I was blown away by some of the music and sounds people compose on their computers! I also got some great feedback on my own previous computer compositions. I’ll definitely go back.

One of the best things that developed out of that meeting was an innovative collaboration with DJ Van Geaux, who often does dub step/trap/deephouse in clubs around the Bay Area , and in many other national and international scenes. He’s not only creative and easy to collaborate with- he also works super hard. I really, really appreciate that.

I think it’s so awesome how he layered in and filtered my voice. The drop still gives me chills.

Here’s the result of our first collaboration:

“The Night is Alive” by DJ Van Geaux, featuring Elizabeth Zharoff


Ellie’s Theme

Hi guys. I’ve got a special treat for you.

I’ve been going back and looking at some of my old compositions- the ones that I didn’t write with my computer in the past 6 months. I want to record and transfer some of these into digital format.

I wrote this simple song for piano solo when I was in elementary school- it was the first composition that I actually purposefully wrote and finished. I brought it back a couple of days ago and tweaked it a little, but mostly I left it alone. The childlike simplicity makes me happy.