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from the Cardinal Game Jam
Roshamboroo Team, at the Cardinal Game Jam

Ever since the Cardinal Game Jam three weeks ago, I’ve been working closely with this team of people to finish a fun, fast-paced mobile game called Roshamboroo. Finally, we released it for beta testing 4 days ago. Thank you, Sam, Dmitri, Anna, Big Mike & Little Mike for all of the hard work! Y’all went above and beyond, and it shows.

Roshamboroo is based on rock-paper-scissors, but playable on your mobile device. There are two adorable, but fierce little creatures which carry bombs in their tales, and battle to get to the other’s home base. Players must select rock, paper, or scissors at the same time as their opponent, and the winner moves forward while the loser explodes, then reappears to battle again in the next scene. Three wins= victory!

There are two main music tracks which I’m really proud of. I’ll post them below. Also, I recorded and mixed a number of sounds for explosions, countdown, and the creatures. (Recording creature growls at 4:00 in the morning got some strange looks from other teams, lol)


Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine covered the Cardinal Game Jam, which I participated in a few weeks ago. I composed and wrote sound for 4 games over 27 hours of non-stop work, and two of those games are featured! See pages 6 & 7.

There’s also mention of my work on Bubble Pop in this article:

Bubble Pop!

This weekend was the Cardinal Game Jam, a 27-hour mobile game hackathon in Palo Alto, CA. I decided to register with one team, and eventually ended up doing audio for 4 (!!!) teams, completing 7 compositions and many more SFX.

I won’t write about all of the projects that I worked on, because it looks like some of those projects are going to take more time and attention to eventually become something amazing, and I don’t want to spill their ideas. But I will post about those later, when they’re ready.

Right now, I want to direct attention to Bubble Pop, developed by George Deglin & Josh Kasten. The moment I saw their fun creation, a song idea popped into my head. A few hours later, I had gameplay music, UI, and scoreboard music all created. I also made some sounds for them, like the bubble popping and merging, and the wind (they really helped with that one- it was difficult to create different lengths of wind noise).

You can play the game beta on your computer here:
…Or on your android phone here (iOS support coming soon):

And here’s the music!