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Hollywood Bowl + LA Phil

Last night, I made my Hollywood Bowl AND Los Angeles Philharmonic debut!

I gotta say, this place was shnazzy. Super fancy soloist dressing rooms, and they also had a snack/tea spread to die for. Add to that 5 of the best young singers I know (3 of us who were in the LA Opera YAP program at some point), and then also add the chauffeur who drove us everywhere… this was truly STAR treatment!

Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy was conducted by Mirga, a lively and delightful young female conductor. She made the rehearsals so easy and fun! The music was fairly easy too (in my part), so this was honestly one of the most relaxed and enjoyable gigs I’ve ever done.

My dressing room:

Fancy Dressing Room!

How we see y’all:The Bowl - as we see it

And your lovely singers:

Rafael, me, Janai, Colin, Kevin, and Peabody
Rafael, me, Janai, Colin, Kevin, and Peabody