Semperoper Dresden, Germany

In the fall of 2012, I found myself in intensive German classes in the most beautiful city in Eastern Germany. I spent the next year there as a part of the Semperoper Junges Ensemble, singing my first Violetta, and also sang Pamina, the Dew Fairy, Sandman, and many other small roles and concerts.

The best time of the year in Dresden is definitely Christmas. The market is splendid! This is also when Hansel und Gretel shows at the opera, and many children attend. One of my favorite moments in the theater was when I flew out onto the stage, and the music was quiet and waiting for my first notes, and a little kid yelled out, “Sandmann!!!” The German children have  a cartoon that looks like the Sandman, and they sing along with it each night to prepare for sleep. It made me smile every time I sang the role.
My first Traviata in Dresden:

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