Lucio Silla- Bordeaux, France

Holy. Geez. Goodness. I will never sing a more challenging role.

Giunia, in Lucio Silla. This is an early Mozart opera, written before he really knew how to write. The running melismatic notes just keep going- and they don’t stop for a singer to breath, because prepubescent Mozart knew how to write better for violins. Oh, and he threw in 4 humongous arias, three of which are ten minutes long.

To top it off: sing it in a corset. Really. Not kidding. Can’t breath? Okay, we’ll actually stage a part where you loosen the corset during your aria so that you can hit the high note at the end. … did I mention that I like challenges?

The difficulties this role presented drove me to become a better musician. I should shout out a huge thanks to my cast and Jane Glover, our conductor, who led us through an extraordinarily difficult work of music and theater. My costume was literally dripping from perspiration by the end.

Do check out more photos in the library- the shots and lighting were AMAZING.


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