How Musical Men See Women

Ana Maria Otamendi and I met in the summer of 2011 at Merola, with the San Francisco Opera. We worked on a few songs together there, and that sparked a collaboration which has been incredibly dear to me. I love her insightfulness and creativity, and her playing is magical.

So, we took this collaboration one step further, to putting on a concert about a subject she and I both found incredibly interesting: songs from the point of view of a woman, but composed by a man. We performed this 4-part program in Houston at the University of St. Thomas in February of 2014.

We designed the program to follow a woman through her progression in life, beginning with childhood, to first love, to marriage & children, late life, and then finally, death. We decided to not be barred by language or time period- just follow the theme. The program lasted nearly 2 hours, with Ana Maria guiding the audience with a thoughtful presentation before each part. We’ll try to cut it down if we do it again. :-)

There are many clips up on youtube, if you want to see the concert.

Im Zimmer (by Alban Berg):

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