Let the GameS begin!

Warning: this page isn’t going to be about just opera anymore. But it’s still all about music and sound.

I LOVE video games, have often been called a “gamer”, and also enjoy hanging out with other gamers. Back in February, I started taking a wider look at the music business, and specifically I wanted to know where else I could employ my talents. I took some classes in some of the modern technology that is required in the music industry, all the while continuing opera. THEN, I realized that I could employ both my passion for music and video games into one goal: writing sound for games.

Video Game Composition works astonishingly well with opera, because there are many times when I need to stay home and be quiet- but still have a burning need to create music. Also, composers for video games often work on their own, not needing to be physically present at the company. I have all of the basics of music theory down, and even privately studied composition in college for a few years. A lot of the orchestration techniques in opera transfer directly into video game scoring. So, musically— I’m really well qualified.

Some people might think this is a strange hobby for an opera singer, but I am incredibly excited about the future of video games, especially Virtual Reality. I want to help shape the new worlds that are being created. Opera is one of the highest forms of traditional musical expression, but the game industry is exploding and evolving at hyper-speed- what better combination could there be, than to take the highest traditions in music, and use those to help shape and evolve new realities? AND, I don’t have to stop one to do the other. I can do both!

I wanted to share an example of something I wrote a couple months ago while learning Logic X. Some of the other students thought it would work well in a video game. What do you think?


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