Audi Concert, Germany

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people pay me just to enjoy my life and sing.

A few months ago, I was asked by Maestro Benjamin Shwartz to do a concert of “American Ditties” in Ingolstadt, Germany, as part of a summer concert series present by Audi. These ditties ended up including things like Summertime & I Got Rhythm (Gershwin), I Feel Pretty (Bernstein), and What Good Would the Moon Be? (Weill). Of course I said yes!¬†And it was so much fun. And easy to sing, and just FUN.

The setting was in a vast lawn amidst a beautiful garden, beside the Danube river. There was a huge outdoor stage, constructed for the event, and an equally huge sound system. 30,000 people showed up on the grass that night, and I got to serenade each and every one. :-D

Big plus: there was a ten minute, very fancy firework show afterwards.
Big plus #2: I got to test an Audi A8 for a day. Boo-yeah.

Here’s a clip that I used as inspiration¬†for this concert, and stole a lot from:

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