Opera Dubstep

About 2 months ago, I decided to join some meet-ups in Silicon Valley. The first one I attended was for Laptop Music Production, in a place called the Hacker’s Dojo. I was blown away by some of the music and sounds people compose on their computers! I also got some great feedback on my own previous computer compositions. I’ll definitely¬†go back.

One of the best things that developed out of that meeting was an innovative collaboration with DJ Van Geaux, who often does dub step/trap/deephouse in clubs around the Bay Area , and in many other national and international scenes. He’s not only creative and easy to collaborate with- he also works super hard. I really, really appreciate that.

I think it’s so awesome how he layered in and filtered my voice. The drop still gives me chills.

Here’s the result of our first collaboration:

“The Night is Alive” by DJ Van Geaux, featuring Elizabeth Zharoff

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