Bubble Pop!

This weekend was the Cardinal Game Jam, a 27-hour mobile game hackathon in Palo Alto, CA. I decided to register with one team, and eventually ended up doing audio for 4 (!!!) teams, completing 7 compositions and many more SFX.

I won’t write about all of the projects that I worked on, because it looks like some of those projects are going to take more time and attention to eventually become something amazing, and I don’t want to spill their ideas. But I will post about those later, when they’re ready.

Right now, I want to direct attention to Bubble Pop, developed by George Deglin & Josh Kasten. The moment I saw their fun creation, a song idea popped into my head. A few hours later, I had gameplay music, UI, and scoreboard music all created. I also made some sounds for them, like the bubble popping and merging, and the wind (they really helped with that one- it was difficult to create different lengths of wind noise).

You can play the game beta on your computer here: http://bit.ly/1tUPvxX
…Or on your android phone here (iOS support coming soon): http://bit.ly/1Ee39iI

And here’s the music!

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