King Game Jam

After less than a week in London and some great-but-intense rehearsals of Traviata, I was so excited to learn that I had the whole weekend off, and also a last-minute pass for the King Game Jam. So, Friday evening I went down to the office of the company that made Candy Crush, and joined a team for a weekend of excellent work and creativity.

My team decided to design a music game, which of course thrilled me. We based it on some interesting gravity/infinite runner mechanics, and took the level design off of musical structure. Somehow, I combined the ideas and general feeling that the team wanted in 6 hours of composing, and came up with what I can only describe as chip-tune dubstep.  Have a listen below. :-)

Highlights: Meeting tons of new, really nice people from London. Seeing my team members’ faces when they first heard the music.  Learning and drawing the level for the first time in Tiled. Play-testing the game.

Link to youtube preview:

Sending out a huge thanks to Joe, Dom, and Richard- you guys are so positive and just nice. It was a pleasure to work with you- thanks for letting me join!

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