Song Cycle: The History of Video Games


I couldn’t be more proud as I write this.

Yesterday, “Song Cycle: The History of Video Games” was released on iTunes and Loudr. It will soon be available on Spotify and Amazon as well.
I am the creative director of this album. I also produced all of the tracks, arranged one, and sang on several. And I guided the making of sheet music – so now all of these songs can be performed live.
26 songs now exist, merging the worlds of classical and video game music. Each song is for voice and piano, and covers an iconic video game tune. Some of the games represented include Tetris, World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Mario, Pokémon, etc…
If you want more information about the album, here’s a website link:
If anyone wants to perform these songs, let me know. The sheet music is currently being licensed, and songs will be published once licenses are in place.
A year ago, I hadn’t released a single thing on iTunes. If you’d have told me I’d be the creative director of an entire album, I would have laughed, and said it was impossible. Life moves faster than our daily eye can observe, and I feel incredibly lucky to be a small part of it.

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