Custom Audio

Looking for customized game audio or a singer on your next movie trailer?

I provide three main types of audio deliverables:
– Vocals
– Music
– Sound Design

These files can be delivered in any standard format- .wav, .mp3, etc. – and in the method you need (such as Dropbox or WeTransfer).

Questions? Email me:



I have a VERY good set-up for recording myself at home, using custom-shop ADK microphones. I edit my own vocals, because I guarantee that I can do it faster and with better results.  If you have a large amount of recording, or are on in Indie budget, shoot me an email for a discounted rate.

Hourly Recording Rate (editing included): $180.00



I use Logic Pro X and a large collection of sample libraries to compose in a variety of genres, from full orchestral to chiptune dubstep. Creating custom music is all about what your project needs to engage users/the audience. I can also help with game implementation, and make suggestions for seamless looping and audio engine selection.

Rate: Varies by project. Email me with a description, and I’ll send you a free quote.



I’m adept at the modern tools for sound design in games (FMOD, Wwise, etc), and can help with suggestions for implementation in common game engines (Unity, Unreal, etc). For Sound Design, it’s particularly important to find sounds which will engage and excite users, but not become annoying with repetition.

Rate: Varies by project. Discounted if combined with Music Composition. Email me!



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